Weekend, January 31-February 1 – Holy end-of-month, Batman!

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- Super media coverage of USA SewBiz Globe Mfg! Click here to read and see.
- Complete new computerized tailoring machine only $695! Click here to see.
- Are you on the verge? Click here to find out.
- Nice reshoring article in Apparel Magazine. Click here to read it.
- SewBiz Tucker & Bloom is featured in a “Money” article! Click here for a link.
- We have full stainless steel thread clips for as low as $5 each! Click here.
– Our workroom & cutting tables are made in Tennessee. Click here to browse.
– New! Titanium-bonded 45MM Rotary Blade! Click here for pricing.
     …and just take note:
- “What is enough for health is too little for pleasure.” – Saint Augustine.
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You’ve found Scissor City USA!

We’ve got the best selection of scissors anywhere on God’s Green Earth!

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Yes, we speak Needle-ish.

Stumped trying to figure out your needles? We can help. Make sure you have your needle box or sleeve handy, visit the needle pages, and if you’re still confused, give us a call…

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Sewing Business Resources

* Looking for a sewing machine mechanic?

* Want to let the world know you’re available for contract sewing?

* Need a forum to connect with other sewing businesses for tips, advice, synergy, and sympathy?

* Want to know about trade shows and seminars to expand your SewBiz knowledge?

* Do you fix sewing machines & want to be included on our sewing machine mechanic list?

Find all this and much more via our Sewing Business Resources page, a listing of all kinds of things useful to the SewBiz entrepreneur…

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Made In The USA Showcase

TN USASouthStar Supply is proud to showcase Made In the USA products and the businesses that carry them.  (If you have a website showcasing your Made In the USA products, email the address to us.  We will gladly provide a link here!)

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