Sewing Machine Mechanic Classes Forming

What’s the hardest problem next to finding folks to sew your creations? jk-shirley-iieFinding someone to fix the machines! And more often than not, that someone is YOU. With the loss of factories in the U.S., sewing machine mechanics are few and far between. (We keep a listing of mechanics HERE.)

Well, a machine distributor here in the Nashville area is stepping up to do something about that. Whether you want training yourself or have an employee who could benefit, we need to hear from you if you are interested. A week-long class will cost $600 to $800 (depending on the machines covered). There must be a minimum of five students in a class to make it work. Travel and lodging is not included, but lunch is! So if you have an interest, pleaseĀ send us an email and let us know of your specific interestsĀ so that when the classes get going, you’ll hear about it first.


  1. Dick Miller says:

    We are interested in sewing machine repair class. We use Durkopp Adler Walking foot lock stich machine. Would you send me some information.
    Thank you

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