Grist Columnist: Watchoo Doin’ Here?

ssc-bulcover-246We’re not a retail business, but from time to time we get walk-in customers. Being in Music City U.S.A., we often have folks come in who design or sew for music celebrities. That’s one reason Nashville has a fairly thriving local sewing industry.

One of my favorite walk-in stories happened exactly for that reason. It was an afternoon a couple of years ago. Our landlord was in showing around a new cleaning lady, Myrna. While they were here, a walk-in showed up at the door. He said he wanted to pick up a steamer for his daughter who was making a music video in town.

About that time the landlord walked by with Myrna. She looked up at our visitor, put her hands on her hips, and said, “Sinbad, whatchoo doin’ here?” I thought it was cool that she ran into someone she knew, maybe from high school. But the significance was really lost on me. I just figured Sinbad was a nickname. Only when he handed me his credit card and it actually just said “Sinbad” on it did I realize we had the real thing!

says-myrna&sinbadI was glad to get a chance to thank him for making a TV show back in the nineties that I could enjoy with my kids. He was every bit as nice in person as he was on that show. And in fact, here’s the photo he posed for with Myrna that day.

Now that you know Myrna, I have a special favor to ask of you. Go to: and search on: Myrna Berry.

You’ll see why she could use a helping hand. I hope you’ll throw a few bucks her way if you can. She’s deserving. Thanks!

John F. Rebrovick

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