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bulletin-249If you’ve been in the business of sewing a while, no doubt you’ve got a good story to tell. If so, we want it!

We’re working on a new project here. It’s not quite a catalog and not quite a textbook, but both together and then some. Called “The SewBiz Owner’s Manual™,” we plan to publish the first edition in the coming year.

The intent is to produce a reference book you can keep on the shelf to share in your business for training, research, and sourcing. Not many people grow up in this industry as in the good old days, so there’s a real knowledge gap between wanting to produce a sewn product and getting it to market.

Thus the SewBiz Owner’s Manual™ includes a narrative section on production organization, equipment, and tools. Then a resources section listing industry associations, trade shows, vendors, and such. Then a catalog section showing common parts & supplies. And finally an appendix with helpful charts like sewing machine needle sizes, stitch types, thread info, metric conversion, and so forth.

We’re building the first edition from the ground up! And that’s where you come in. If you’ve got a story to tell that will be instructive and inspirational to others in the sewing business, we’d love to include it in the narrative section with your byline and photo. Before you get to writing a big article, however, please send your ideas for an article in a hundred words or less to me at the email address below. For those submissions we are ultimately able to use in the Manual – 1,000 words, more or less – we’ll pay $100 each.

I look forward to hearing from you!

John F. Rebrovick

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  1. Carolyn Maher says:

    When I was 10 years old, My Grandmother purchased a NEW tan Singer sewing machine.. My Mother said…DONT YOU EVEN TOUCH THAT THING…..BUT…MyGrandmother said…OH COME HERE and TRY THIS OUT!!! So as you can see…You know who won!!!! and I have sewed my whole life from Industrial, FYREPEL Prod in Newark Ohio to upholstering movie theatre curtain to shooters equipment,, and now making windsocks for airports,, SO…I guess I am the WINNER here for NOT listening to my Mother…because it has PAID My Bills for 50 years!!!!

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