Grist Columnist: Millennial Magic

You Millennials – defined by demographers as having birthdates ranging from the 1980s to the early 2000s – are a different breed of human being from your parents. I’m in the latter breed. I didn’t grow up with home computers, social media, smart phones, texting, and OMG everything else. Rather than a discreet buzzing in my pocket on the rare occasion I got a call from a creature of the opposite sex, it was on the home phone and followed by my sister’s hollering for the whole house to hear, “Johnny, it’s for you-oo! It’s a girr-rrl!”

Taking a call like that in the living room where the whole family could hear is a rite of passage that you Millennials have missed altogether. Texting, sexting, likes and downloads, Instagram, and free music dowloads and 24/7 connectivity have brought y’all up with a constant buzz of activity that we mere Boomers never even imagined. Fax machines were cutting edge technology when I was in my twenties and I didn’t have my first home PC until I was in my thirties. My kids’ video games were a wonder to me.

Thanks to this technological revolution you young folks in business today have a tremendous leg up starting out, with knowledge at your fingertips and no limits like geography or time of day or to a great degree, financial limitations to hold you back (think crowdfunding, for example, so much easier than going hat in hand to a bank vice president or worse, one’s parents). Sure, most of you could use some work on eye contact or doing most anything without looking down at a phone screen, but some things about human beings never change – like creativity, drive, and diverse talents. In SewBiz you’ve got all that plus the limitless artistic and practical applications of sewing – and now a new door open to entrepreneurship and free enterpise. Put it all together and you’ve got Millennial Magic!

Good luck this year, and thanks for keeping SouthStar Supply in SewBiz, too!

John F. Rebrovick

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