04 Clauss Gold-Line Embroidery Scissors

Product Description

Clauss Gold-Line embroidery scissors are perfect for those who require the ultimate in quality and service. Made from the finest hardened and tempered cutlery grade steel and featuring gold-plated shanks and bows, they are made for long life and dependability.

Perfect for monogram, applique, trim and the most delicate embroidery work. Fine, sharp points are ideal for removing stitching.

#GS3.5 (Stork, pictured at left) is 3.5″ overall; 1″ cut.
#GLT3.5 (Lion’s Tail) is 3.5″ overall; 1.25″ cut.
#GSCB3.5 (Short Curved Blades) is 3.5″ overall; .75″ cut.
#GES4 (Straight Blades) is 4″ overall; 1″ cut.
#GEC4 (Curved Blades) is 4″ overall; 1″ cut.
#GLSC5.5 (Long Shank, Curved Blades) is 5.5″ overall; 1.5″ cut.

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