05 Orange Needles 251LG

Product Description

System 251LG is a curved needle generally used in blindstitch machines. It is also known as 29-C-300LG, 300GEB, 29CB, 251EL, and LWx5T.

Note that this is the ONLY needle we sell in packs of 50, and ONLY in the Orange brand.

Please note that 251LG refers to the system, or type of needle; size (diameter) is denoted by the suffix. For example, 251LG-10 is the smallest, or thinnest size we offer in this brand; 251LG-16 is the largest, or thickest size. We use the Singer size designations. Metric and blindstitch designations are shown in the descriptions. For example, 251LG-10 is Singer size 10, metric size 70, blindstitch size 5. The eye of the needle increases with the thickness to allow for sewing heavier threads.

Priced and sold per pack of 50.