Gold Seal Thread Clips

Product Description

In 1954, a patent was awarded for Gold Seal’s “Ball Bearing Thread Nipper”, and the design proved so effective that it has been copied worldwide and is now the industry standard. The “ball bearing” construction results in smoother, easier operation and increases the life of the nippers. And no one makes them better than the original–Gold Seal.

#104N (pictured) is the most popular style. It is nickel plated, has standard blades, and is 4-1/2″ overall with a 1-1/4″ cut.
#104NKE: Same as #104N, but with knife-edge blades for easier cutting.
#104LN: Same as #104N, but 5″ overall with a 2″ cut.
#104LNKE: Same as #104LN, but with knife-edge blades.

Sorry, Gold Seal is unavailable until further notice. CLICK HERE to try our SouthStar Thread Clip #SCT-N instead.

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