Eastman Chickadee II Minicutters

Product Description

The smallest round knife available, the Chickadee replaces handheld shears. It is powered by Eastman’s Perma-Field motor and has 40% more power than any other handheld knife its size. The compact size, combined with its streamlined, lightweight construction, helps eliminate operator fatigue. The Chickadee can be equipped with a 2-1/4″ round blade for general use or a hexagon blade for sheer or difficult-to-cut cloth. It has a cutting capacity 25% greater than competing models. The Chickadee also features a built-in sharpener and an ergonomically designed grip-actuated on/off switch.

#D2 (pictured at left) is the standard red 110 volt Chickadee.
#D2H has a long handle for straight cutting across table tops.
#BZ is the Buzzaird air-powered cutter which requires 60-90 p.s.i. compressed air for operation and will cut small amounts of heave, dense rubbers and plastics. Applications include trimming belt loops, woven fiberglass, coated materials, even Kevlar. 2-1/32″ blade.

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