Fiskars Bent Trimmers

Product Description

Orange Handles:
Fiskars’ most popular multi-purpose shears. Great for practically anything from paper to poultry. The oversized handles improve comfort and operation. Stainless steel blades are precision ground and hardened for a sharp, long-lasting edge.
#9441 (pictured at left) is 9.5″ overall and has a 4.5″ cut.
#9450 is 8″ overall, true left-hand (with red handles).
#9451 is 8″ overall and has a 3.75″ cut.

Razor Edge:
Efficient and easy-to-use when cutting heavy materials or multiple layers. The blades are set at at steeper than normal angle. Heavier rivet joints provide solid leverage.
#9446 is 9″ overall; 4.25″ cut.
#7580 is 8″ overall; 3.5″ cut. (Replaces #9454, discontinued by Fiskars.)

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