General Purpose Cleaning & Utility Sprays

Product Description

#955 Sprayway Anti-Static Spray stops static electricity on paper, plastic, cellophane, and textile products.

#805 Sprayway Clean Jet 100 Lint & Dust Remover Spray blasts away lint, dust, tiny fabric scraps, food crumbs, etc. from tight spaces with a jet of high-powered, moisture-free air. (Replaces #804; discontinued.)

#31 Sprayway Crazy Clean Spray (pictured above) cleans “like crazy” and may be the only general cleaning spray you need for most cleaning solutions.

#985 Sprayway Orange Citrus Crazy Clean Spray is an ecologically safe product, formulated with orange citrus solvents.

#50-SPR Sprayway Glass Cleaner Spray contains no silicone or ammonia. It does contain perfume-grade alcohols, which are the best cleaning agents as they have the lowest risk of adverse reaction with other materials.

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