Groz-Beckert Needles 190R

Product Description

System 190R is a standard round point needle generally used in Pfaff machines. It is also known as MTx190. (The “R” is optional. “190” and “190R” are the same thing.)

Please note that 190R refers to the system, or type of needle; size (diameter) is denoted by the suffix. For example, 190R-16 is the smallest, or thinnest size we offer in this brand; 190R-24 is the largest, or thickest size. The eye of the needle increases with the thickness to allow for sewing heavier threads.

Length, butt to eye: 44.5mm.
Shank diameter: 2.0mm.

Needles listed here are standard sharp point only. If you want ball point, please specify in the “comments” section when placing your order. Pricing is the same.

Priced and sold per hundred.