Heritage Kevlar Cutters

Product Description

Heritage has designed these models for hard-to-cut composite material such as Kevlar, Spectra, and Vectran. All models feature a special hard industrial chrome plating which enhances the high carbon steel surface, resulting in the equivalent of a Rockwell 72 on the C scale. The hard industrial coating also doubles the rust protection. Detailed edges and serrated blades make these the tools of choice for cutting in the composite industry.

#8210LR Bent Trimmer is 11″ overall and has an extended bottom ring to allow the operator full use of all four fingers. Added leverage, added comfort! 4.5″ cut.

#8210LRXB Bent Trimmer (pictured at left) is 10-1/4″ overall and has all the features of #8210LR plus extra-blunted points for hard to cut material. 3.75″ cut.

#8718LR Utility Shear is 9″ overall, for hi-leverage cutting. Extended bottom ring for comfort.

#8775 Utility Snip features extra hi-leverage with short, powerful jaws, an excellent substitute for the discontinued Wiss #KV2.

#8HTC-5 Thread Snip is no-slip, excellent for Kevlar threads. Ball bearing style, spring-back action.

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MADE IN U.S.A. Priced and sold each.