Kai 7000 Series Shears

Product Description

We’ve heard a lot of complaints over the years that scissors just aren’t as good as they used to be. And it’s true. But these are scissors that break the mold of cheaper, softer, duller. One customer told us he didn’t care how much they cost, that he was buying more because the pair he had for a year was just as good as new out of the box.

A picture doesn’t do it justice. You have to feel the solid whoosh as you close the blades to know what a precision instrument this is, perfectly weighted and balanced for tough cutting. A-8 high carbon stainless steel hardened to 60 HRC in the blades is the secret to its superior sharpness and durability, but steel handles covered in soft Santoprene and double locking pivot nuts tell the rest of the story for comfort and strength.

As with everything we stock, it’s covered by a 30 day unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Frankly, we’re not worried that you’ll want to send them back despite the cost. And buy just two at a time to bring the price down. What a bargain!

#7205…8″ overall; 3″ cut.
#7230…9″ overall: 3-1/2″ cut.
#7240-AS…9-1/2″ overall; 3-3/4″ cut, w/serrations for cutting Kevlar.
#7250…10″ overall; 4″ cut.
#7250-L…true left hand version of #7250.
#7280…11″ overall; 5″ cut.
#7300…12″ overall; 5-1/2″ cut.

Priced and sold each.