KOTZIN CASTER, 3″ Swivel, Stem Mount


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Product Description

Also known as “Kotzin” casters, these Wagner brand casters feature thread deflectors on the wheel hub to keep scrap threads from choking the caster axle. Cleaning is a simple matter of pulling the threads off the deflectors rather than the painstaking process of cutting tightly wound threads off the axles themselves.

For use on basket trucks and utility carts only, not chairs. Wheels are 3″ diameter x 15/16″ wide, made of durafoam polyolefin. 125 lb. load capacity per caster, approximately 1 lb. each.

Caster #301 is a rigid (non-swivel), plate mounted caster. Plate size is 1-3/4″ x 3″ with 11/32″ diameter screw mounting holes.

Caster #302 is a swivel plate-mounted caster, same plate specs as #301.

Caster #303 is a swivel, stem mounted caster. Stem post length is 1″; diameter 3/8″, threaded.

Priced and sold each.