MAGICUFFERS (sizes 1.25″ / 1.5″ / 1.75″)


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Category: Closeouts & Overstocks – Miscellany

Product Description

Lays out cuffs or hems as fast as you can draw line! Saves from five to fifteen minutes per garment over traditional methods! Pays for itself in four uses!

Here’s how:

1. Using tailor chalk, mark inseam to desired finish length.

2. Place Magicuffer over trouser leg with slot A at desired length. Center line shoudl be on inseam line.

3. With tailor chalk, make a line using slots A, B, and C and edge D. Cut off excess material at line D.

4. Fold trouser at line B to inside.

5. Sew on edge D, or fold raw edge under slightly for finished look if desired.

6. Turlne leg up on line A and tack. Your cuff is now finished!

#CUFF-1 is a set for making cuff sizes 1.25″, 1.5″, and 1.75″.

#CUFF-2 is a set for making cuff sizes 2″, 2.5″, and 3″.

Priced and sold per set.