Product Description

magpro-comboMAG-PRO MAGNET BARS fasten to the wall to hold all your tools and parts in secure, handy reach. Available 12″, 18″, and 24″.

mh1Just put the #MH1 MAGNA-HOLD where you want it, and the powerful magnet holds it there–it will not vibrate loose! Stick extra bobbins, needles, etc. to Magna-Hold and never have to hunt for them again.

mg1MAGNETIC SEAM GUIDE #MG1 has a large one-piece, double-size magnet for super holding power. Specially designed handle with “no-slip” grip permits easy lifting and re-positioning when desired.

smgMAGNETIC SEAM GUIDE #SMG grips securely to any machine, can be moved and positioned instantly for any desired seam width, and is ideal for stay stitching.

m360MAGNETIZER/DEMAGNETIZER #M360 is ideal for use on screwdrivers, nut runners, wrenches, taps, and other small metal tools. Convert any tool blade into a magnetic retriever for screws, nuts, and ferrous metal particles.

Priced and sold each.

Category: Magnets