Mundial CushionPro Ergonomic Heavy-Duty Shears

Product Description

CushionPro is the perfect combination of performance and outstanding comfort! With thicker steel and precisely honed blades, CushionPro shears are designed to master even the toughest applications. At the same time, the ergonomic soft-yielding handles ensure that your fingers stay comfortable regardless of the use.

#970-6 is 6-3/4″ overall with 2-3/4″ cut.
#960-8 is 8-1/2″ overall with 3-1/2″ cut.
#990-10 is 10″ overall with 3-1/2″ cut.
#990-12 is 12″ overall with 3-3/4″ cut.

NEW! #960-8SA Spring Assist Shear – Blades open automatically after every cut to minimize fatigue. Sliding lock keeps blades securely fastened when not in use. Green handles provide antimicrobial protection. 8-1/2″ overall with 3-1/2″ cut.

Special introductory prices. Priced and sold each.