Oiler Bottles

Product Description

#EW2121 MINI PLASTIC OILER: Leakproof, durable design. 4″ retractable spout. Small aperture with brass screw cap. Over one ounce capacity.

#PO10 PLASTIC OILER: Leakproof plastic bottle fits comfortably in hand and features long, angled brass spout for oiling hard-to-reach spots. Screw-on cap.

#EW2132 PRECISION OILER: For pinpoint application of oil. Stainless steel needle. Cap includes pocket clip.

#228491 PRESSURE OIL CAN: Precision built pump oiler with 4″ spout. Durable, efficient, seamless body construction with sealed bottom and epoxy finish.

#133 SPRING BOTTOM OILER: The classic made in U.S.A. steel oiling can that dispenses oil as your thumb presses the bottom of the can.

#3014 ZOOM SPOUT OILER: Telescopes up to 9″ for hard to reach spots!

Priced and sold each.

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