Other Stuff for Your Sewing Machine Drawer

Product Description

BEESWAX #BZWX1 is used to lubricate thread and zipper slides. 1 ounce cake.*

BOBBIN BOX #BB21 holds 21 small or large-capacity bobbins. Transparent molded plastic. Removable top.

MAGNIFIER #1117 is perfect for seeing all those small parts and thread ends; folds into its case to fit comfortably in pocket.

RUBBER FINGER TIPS help sort work. Available in five sizes, 12 per pack.

SEWING MACHINE COVERS prevent lint and dust buildup when you’re not working at your machine.

6″ STAINLESS STEEL RULER #SPR-6 with pocket clip is calibrated in 32nds and millimeters and includes metric conversion chart on back side.

60″ TAPE MEASURE #218TM includes metric markings and is made of fiberglass so it won’t stretch.

THREAD CLIP #STC-N is nickel plated with ball bearing action for smooth cutting.

THREAD COUNTERS are used for counting threads or stitches in fabric, or any fine examination. Magnifying lens provides a fixed focus with scale. #UTC2 has a 1/2″ x 1/2″ lens; #UTC3 has a 1″ x 1″ lens.
NEW! UTC3 now available with built-in LED light.

* And please… do mind your own.

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