Pattern Grading Machine

Product Description

The Dario Grad-O-Meter, the original and most widely used grading machine in the world, affords one within a minimum of space (27″ long by 6″ wide) to grade patterns of the highest fashion speedily and accurately.

With the Grad-O-Meter, it is not necessary to change your accustomed method and manner of grading. Formerly, in grading a pattern, one had to draw guide lines, which is done for you by the Grad-O-Meter. The ruler is also eliminated as the Grad-O-Meter also does your measuring.

It grades shoulder and waist darts, blends lines or curves, locates any point or pivot and thus insures precision and the same fit of your original pattern in grading sizes. It can gradually divide buttonholes, darts, tucks, pleatings, gores, scallops, and any other details in a garment. Pivoting or blending of all unsymmetrical patterns can also be done.

The Grad-O-Meter is also widely used to check the accuracy of computer grading equipment! It gives accuracy to 1/64″ and can be easily understood and used by any grader.

Each grader comes with one pair of 17.75″ and one pair of 11.75″ arms.

MADE IN U.S.A. Priced and sold each.