STAPLE GUN, upholstery, pneumatic, 1″ nose


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Product Description

Quality Rainco stapling guns. Both the electric and pneumatic guns use 7-series, 3/8″ crown round wire staples in varying lengths as listed below.

#63100 is a high quality, strong, electrically powered fine wire staple gun for light duty use. Perfect for upholstery, bedding, carpeting, tagging, screening, and crafts applications. Quick-clear nose. Top load. Safety trigger. Up to two shots per second. Three-wire, 12′ electric cord (110 v.). Ergonomic design. Dimensions 7.25″ x 2″ x 8″. Weighs only 3.55 lbs. 180 day manufacturer warranty.

Note: If you plan to be using a staple gun all day long, you need to get a pneumatic. This gun is intended for occasional, light duty use.

#R1B7C-16 is a pneumatic gun. Full 1″ nose for extra reach (most are only 5/8″), narrow and tapered thin from front to back for fitting in tight spots. Quick-release catch for fast reloading. Bottom load. Ergonomic design. 60-100 psi. Dimensions 6.18″ x 1.65″ x 8.58″. Weighs only 1.51 lbs. 90 day manfacturer warranty.

Note: Pneumatic guns require an air compressor!

#R1B7C-1650MM is similar to the R1B7C-16, except that it has a 2″ nose for extra reach!

Priced and sold each.