Seam Gauges

Product Description

These seam gauges mount to the sewing machine bed with a screw (not included). Screw size and type will vary according to the hole size already existing in the bed of your sewing machine or, if no hole exists, whatever size hole you tap.

25873#25873 is a 3-CORNER GAUGE, allowing for different seam widths and patterns by turning the gauge on its mounting screw and moving the position to the desired clearance.

mg1#MG1 STRAIGHT MAGNETIC SEAM GUIDE has a large one-piece, double-size magnet for super holding power. Specially designed handle with “no-slip” grip permits easy lifting and re-positioning when desired.

smg#SMG WINGED MAGNETIC SEAM GUIDE grips securely to any machine, can be moved and positioned instantly for any desired seam width, and is ideal for stay stitching.

rg1#RG1 is a spring-loaded ROLLER GAUGE which will flex in our out as needed as you guide material through.

120428#120428 is an adjustable SWING GAUGE. (Swing it into position when needed; swing out when not needed; position to the exact clearance needed. Includes hash marks.)

25878#25878 is a basic T-GAUGE. Move in or out as needed for exact clearance desired.

Priced and sold each.

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