Seam Rippers

Product Description

For removing stitchlines or embroidery stitching for repair. Models with safety balls protect fabric from snagging on the blade. All include safety caps.

#109R is plain small seam ripper. (No longer available.)

#110R is small seam ripper with safety ball.

#111R is large with contoured grip and plastic safety ball.

#111RB is a higher quality version of the #111R, from Japan. Blue handle.

#111RS is like #111R with a steel safety ball for extra durability.

#112R is large with wood-like plastic handle.

#112RB is a higher quality version of the #112R, from Japan.

#112RS is back in stock at special pricing! Limited supply.

#114R is like a surgical scalpel for heavier-duty ripping.

#18535 (not shown in picture above) is similar to the #114R but with ergonomic handle and Titanium bonded blade to stay sharp longer.

#115R has the same blade as the #112RB from the same manufacturer in Japan, but has a blue contoured handle.

Priced and sold each.

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