Sewing Light Bulb, Sealed Beam, 6 volt, 17 watt


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Quantities 25 or more, 2.80 each.

SKU: 996206.
Category: Lights for Sewing Machines

Product Description

Deluxe Sewing Light #DSB60C is completely adjustable in every direction and features a porcelain socket, twist on-off switch, heavy-duty shade, and all-steel construction. Provides uniform, high-intensity illumination of the work area.

Gooseneck Light #SNU21 comes fully assembled with wires concealed in the lamp arm. Complete adjustable in every direction.

Both Lights will use either a 6 volt or 110 volt bulb. Lights that plug directly into the sewing machine motor (not the switch) use 6 volt bulbs (#996206). Lights that plug into a wall outlet or are wired into the power switch on the machine use 110 volt bulbs (#996207).

#996206 replaces #21233HJ.

Priced and sold each.