Silicone Spray, Teflon & Penetrating Lubricants

Product Description

#1605 Alba-5 Metered Embroidery Lubricant dispenses only a small amount of lubricant each time you press the button, avoiding waste and staining.

#SSS-J SouthStar Jumbo Silicone Spray (pictured) is our house brand, a superior formula which reduces friction on sewing surfaces and prolongs the life of cutting blades, heat sealing equipment, rollers, conveyors, and chutes.

#946 Sprayway Jumbo Silicone Spray makes everything work and move easier with no greasy mess and complies with FDA regulations applicable to the food packaging/food processing industry.

#RD-90 Sprayway Industrial Lubricant will keep mechanical devices working more efficiently and longer. It provides a fine film coating which keeps moving parts running smoothly while displacing moisture and preventing rust.

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