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Sprayway Jumbo Silicone Spray


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Price Break Info
Quantities 12 or more, 5.60 each.
Quantities 24 or more, 4.70 each.

Product Description

Regular use of #946 silicone spray makes everything work and move easier with no greasy mess. #946 stops sticking and binding, and it protects equipment.

This friction reduction results in speedier clean-up of parts and equipment and increased production through cleaner job processing. This spray can effectively be utilized as a preventive measure to ensure less downtime in the shop.

At the sewing table, #946 speeds fabric flow. It remains dry and is non-staining. #946 also complies with FDA regulations applicable to the food packaging/food processing industry.

Net weight 11 ounces per can, twelve cans per case.

Priced and sold each.