Zipper Jig

Product Description

The Zipper Jig will hold all YKK zipper sliders from size #2.5 through #10.

To use, simply place the slider, upside down and facing forward, into the slot on the rod, which can be mounted to a table top with the built-in C-clamp so that it will act as your “third hand”. Open the zipper back one or two inches and hold face down.

Feed both sides evenly, coming in at a 45 degree angle into the slider held by the rod (not straight in), pull forward, and voila! It’s done. Sliders can also be inserted backwards on zippers if needed.

Replaces previous models #OWF-ZJ and #ZJIGF which have been discontinued.

Price Break Info
Quantities 6 or more, 34.50 each.

Category: Zipper Jig