Grist Columnist: 780 Payrolls Later…

     You read that right. This January 1 marked the start of SouthStar’s thirtieth year in business, which means we have met 780 consecutive biweekly payrolls. Wow! No wonder we feel so old!

It’s been a great trip, not always peachy-keen great, but all in all, one heck of a sweet ride. We’ve survived the savings and loan crisis, the first Gulf War, NAFTA, Y2K, the 9-11 downturn, the second Gulf War, the derivatives crisis, Obamacare, and now, Brexit. No, wait, we’ve not survived Brexit yet and who knows if it will survive itself. But I can say we now have at least one (partial) government shutdown under our belts.

In this bewildering age when Googles and Amazons and Microsofts and Facebooks and Apples seem to team up with governments to make being a brick and mortar small business seem anachronistic, it’s kind of nice to know that we and our customers are still really making it happen out there, producing things that real human beings want and need. A.I. and self-driving cars may be all the rage, but they will never look good in a bathing suit, or need a bathing suit that covers how bad they look.

The sewing industry may have changed a lot over the years, but human beings still like to dress well, whether in jeans or tailored suits, and to sit on nicely upholstered furniture and sleep on well made mattresses and enjoy quality sewn camping gear and on and on… fill in the blank with what you make!

There is a special relationship between companies like ours and our customers. We depend on each other and make good business both ways if the relationship is working right: We sell you good products so that you can make good products. That’s called a win-win.

We know we are blessed by your choosing us as part of your good business for lo these thirty years and we have to say thank you, thank you, thank you – 780 times over!

John F. Rebrovick

SouthStar’s new Bulletin #256 is now available. If you are a current customer or a recent addition to our mailing list, it should be showing up in a mailbox near you soon. If not, you can request a copy by writing us or click here to download a copy. Thank you!

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