Lights for Sewing Machines

Product Description

#DSB98T is an articulating fixture with a table clamp. It can use a standard white fluorescent bulb (#DSB90B); a daylight style fluorescent bulb (#DSB90BDL); or a blacklight fluorescent bulb (#DSB90BBLK).

#gal-dsb60cDSB60C Deluxe Sewing Light is completely adjustable in every direction and features a porcelain socket, twist on-off switch, heavy-duty shade, and all-steel construction. Provides uniform, high-intensity illumination of the work area.

gal-snu21#SNU21 & #SNU26 Gooseneck Lights come fully assembled with wires concealed in the lamp arm. Complete adjustable in every direction.

996206Both incandescent fixtures will use either a 6 volt or 110 volt bulb. Lights that plug directly into the sewing machine motor (not the switch) use 6 volt bulbs (#996206). Lights that plug into a wall outlet or are wired into the power switch on the machine use 110 volt bulbs (#996207). For longer life bulbs use the Japanese-made bulbs with a “J” at the end of the part number.

NEW! MUCH BRIGHTER LED bulb now available: #996207LED3.

hltm-110Flexible gooseneck-style light fixtures allow you to aim bright, longlasting halogen beam exactly where you need it. Light fixtures ship complete with transformer and bulb.
#HLTM-110 (110 volt) or HLTM-220 (220 volt) mounts to the sewing machine table top for 110 volt outlet.
Replacement 12 watt halogen bulb is #HB12V12W.

gal-ul8000cLED lights produce the brightest coolest light most like the good old 100 watt incandescent bulbs you can’t buy anymore, but at much greater expense of course. The best we have to offer is the Uber Light #UL8000C which has 28 LED’s for maximum light. If you are an individual sewer, this is where you want to put your money for full-throated illumination.
led18On the other hand our nifty #LED18 is a fraction of the price of the Uber Light and attaches very conveniently to the sewing machine head by means of a very strong magnet. Its 18 LED’s are great for spot light just where you need it, even if you already have a standard light on the machine.

6vc#6VC is a 2-pin 6-8 volt bulb for old style sewing lights.

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