Shipping is NOT free.

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Please know that we are NOT a consumer site. We are happy to serve individual consumers as well, but we are at heart a wholesaler serving businesses in the sewing industry. So we do things the business-to-business (B2B) way. To avoid misunderstandings, please take a quick minute to review our basic policies:

  • Our minimum order size for new and inactive accounts is $50.00. The minimum requirement is waived for customers who have ordered from us in the twelve months previous to their new order. We keep you on the books but we consider your account inactive if you don’t order from us at least once a year. So in other words, order from us at least once a year and you don’t have to worry about minimums.
  • We do not charge your credit card until we ship your products. Any given order may be split and shipped at different times from different places, depending on availability. Each time we ship, it is a different invoice and different charge to your card.
  • We normally ship by USPS, FedEx Ground, or UPS and pass along the cheapest rate we can get. We do not calculate this on the web site because it is impossible to do so accurately. All carriers have made the calculation of shipping charges more complicated, based not just on distance and weight, but also on package size, commercial vs. residential vs. rural, etc. Your best bet is to give us your UPS or FedEx (or trucking company) account number and let us ship your order on your account. Then YOU can argue with them over the rates. This is fine with us because none of them listen very well. But in any case, know that unless we ship on your account, we will add shipping charges to your order per shipment including insurance where necessary (generally speaking, any order over $100).
  • We do not accept PayPal. Sorry, we just don’t.
  • You can order on account. Once we have some experience with you, or if you can give us two solid trade references with whom you have already been doing business on account for some time, we will extend net 3o terms to you and you can choose that option when ordering online (i.e., you won’t have to put in the credit card info).
  • We do accept export orders. Minimum opening export order is US$100.00. Except for established accounts, payment is accepted only in advance by credit card if under $1,000 or wire transfer if over $1,000. Please direct all inquiries for orders shipping outside the United States to our export manager Sandra Rebrovick at
  • Prices, no matter who you are, are exactly what you see on the site. We do not offer dealer discounts and we do not differentiate in pricing between individuals and businesses. Discounts are based strictly on quantity per order. Please feel free to contact us for special quotations of quantity discounts not shown on the site.

Again, thank you! We look forward to being of service to you!