About SouthStar

Who is SouthStar?

Since its founding by John Rebrovick and Bill Starks in Nashville, Tennessee in 1989, SouthStar Supply Company has become known throughout the United States and around the world as a top quality supplier of all the tools of the trade related to industrial sewing.

Over 20,000 different customers, from individual home sewing enthusiasts to purchasing departments of industrial sewing giants, have chosen SouthStar as their source of scissors, parts, needles, and other accessories and equipment over the last three decades.

We like to think that we’re different from your other vendors not because our prices are better (sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t), and not because our catalogs are prettier (we print ’em as cheaply as possible!), but because we give you better, friendlier service.

We appreciate your business!


Walk-ins are welcome but we are not a retail store, so please call first to make sure we have staff on hand to serve you and that we have what you want in stock.