Grist Columnist: Trump Got that Right!

Ha ha – made you look! Whether you hate him or love him, he does get your attention, doesn’t he?

He sure got my attention when he lambasted Amazon recently for ripping off the post office. He did get that right – except I don’t blame Amazon; it’s the post office that gave away the store. And they are no different from UPS and FedEx except for this: although they all bend over backwards for Amazon’s and other giant etailers’ business, USPS looks to the taxpayer to cover their losses while UPS and FedEx make up the loss by putting exorbitant shipping costs on smaller customers like you and me.

If you ship any packages, you know what I mean. They charge more for residential, for rural, for nonstandard packaging, for the cost of gas, and now, they’ve gotten really sneaky by charging for “dimensional” weight. So you can put in a simple one pound package and if it doesn’t fit their desired dimensions, you will pay the rate of a two pound package or more. Stuff that just a few years ago would go cross country for less than $5 now can cost $15 or more. And air delivery? We routinely warn customers of costs over $100 for a single package.

Wherever possible and practical, we consolidate your orders in Nashville and ship them complete. This takes a couple extra days but it keeps you from paying exorbitant freight rates twice. We ship priority mail flat rate when possible. And we watch our UPS and FedEx bills closely. They will charge us around $10 for a mionor address error, and they are not always right.

The best thing you can do is have all your packages shipped to you on your own FedEx or UPS account and raise Cain with them over every little thing. If you don’t know how to do that, just study Trump a bit and you’ll know how to get under even a big company’s skin enough that they’ll give you a break now and then!

And thanks for your beautiful orders!

John F. Rebrovick

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