Grist Columnist: Letter Home 6/26/18

…The reason I keep staying is that a man has promised me a lot of goods and I am wanting for them. If I ever get them I know just where I can sell the whole works provided I am on the ground…

Perhaps you can tell from the handwriting that the “18” on this letter is not for 2018, but 1918! The author was my grandfather, John Walton Fite, writing from Chicago to his bride of three years back home in Nashville, Adine. They had a new baby and a new business and he hustled around the country “on the ground” for the next forty years keeping that business going, then my father returned from WWII and kept it going another forty.

We’re just youngsters, having been at pretty much the same business here at SouthStar for only thirty years, but I am happy to report that this summer, another descendent of John and Adine Fite joined our crew – Tori Bagsby, their great granddaughter. She joins Customer Service Manager Carla Catignani making sure your calls are answered with smiles in their voices and your orders are filled perfectly, first time and every time and on time. Or as close as humanly possible. Because like John Walton Fite, we’re not just online, we’re still “on the ground,” too. For you!

Thank you for your business!

John F. Rebrovick

P.S. The Morrison Hotel, when it was completed in 1925, was the first building outside of New York City to have more than forty floors and was the world’s tallest hotel for thirty years. It was razed in 1965 to make way for the Chase Tower. At that time, it was the tallest building ever demolished. (Wikipedia)

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