Grist Columnist: Woo Hoo!

Man oh man that virus sure upset the apple cart, didn’t it? We’ve not been closed a day because of it—or the riots, as if pandemic wasn’t fun enough—but I know many of you folks haven’t had any choice but to hunker down at home unless you were making PPE. And thank goodness for that! The silver lining is that our beloved, beleaguered SewBiz industry got some newfound respect from the frantic search for masks and gowns and such. Maybe, just maybe, this virus damnpanic will spur some bona fide onshoring, not just the cheerleading and talk about it we’ve been hearing for years. Hey, you Retailers and Etailers – You can start your onshoring right here!

Luckily for SouthStar we skeedaddled out of Nashville just in time to miss all the lockdowns and arson there in the big city. We now operate in the charming little town of Charlotte, Tennessee. One traffic light, most of the time blinking. Cows, horses… I’d invite y’all to visit but I’m afraid you’d want to stay and the last thing we need around here is crowding. It’s fine just like it is. So keep your social distance!

And while you’re doing so, look through this Bulletin and find a few things to order. Those of you who have been with us lo these many years will notice that there are no prices in this new Bulletin. We’re not trying to be sneaky, but with all the money the government is printing now, we expect prices are going to be changing quite a bit in the near future. And not for the better. So go to the website or get in touch with us to find out the current pricing.
And here’s some investment advice: to beat inflation put your money into scissors. Lots and lots of scissors. They retain their value much better than gold and they double as a defense weapon should someone try to steal your investment.

All kidding aside, I hope you all are healthy and productive and ready to rock and roll with the reopening of the economy. And thank you for your patronage!

John F. Rebrovick

A printed copy of SouthStar’s Product Bulletin is available by request or to download a PDF copy of it, CLICK HERE.


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